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How’s your relationship doing?

Given the nature of 2020, many families are struggling financially and experiencing unanticipated stresses in our current global climate.

At, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched some special initiatives to help people with their relationships, some complimentary and others with bonuses or special pricing.

(A) Available until December 1, a Black Friday & Cyber Monday special offer of the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” experience, with a bonus of 14-months of full access.
(Pro Tip: The link for Item B leads to a special discount-code offer that, in partnership with Big Hair Energy, includes a BHE Bonus AND also helps support the Mohawk Valley COVID-19 Response Fund.)

(B) Created a complimentary “5 Days of Closeness” series, launched November 10, offering a daily “unity booster” to help get closer to your special someone during these challenging times.

(C) Partnered with Big Hair Energy (BHE) to offer the “5 Ways to Crush 2020: BHE Better-Life Challenge” that included daily tips for a better relationship.

(D) Established the Deeper Love, Better Relationships, Stronger Marriages Facebook group, with positive weekly posts and inspiration.

(E) Created the Fun & Intimacy Adventure: 5 Days to a Deeper Connection program that could be done from the comfort of your home.

Wishing you all the best. Stay safe!