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From those we have served (Note: Personally identifying information removed to protect personal privacy)


Breakthroughs and ripple effect benefiting entire family

“I realize on our journey that when we change our relationship with each other, it would have a ripple effect into our family and friends. You are helping us on our journey together; so therefore, you are helping our family, too. Thank you … on behalf of our six children, their spouses, and our 14 grandchildren.” (husband)
“We did have some break-throughs through this … there is so much to be said and written … we’re going to be doing the program forever. Thank you for all your hard and dedicated work for us.” (wife)
J.F. & M.F.


Warmth and open-sharing experience helps marriage

“I am so ever grateful for the fact that you … help us with our marriage, the warm feeling … .” (wife)
“Great job … realizing how far we ourselves still have to go. Most appreciated the group experiences shared by all.” (husband)
P.H. & D.H.


Story and educational sessions have positive effects

“I very much appreciated the opportunity to hear your story, and your presentation on kindness. All good stuff. Keep it up. You are affecting others in a positive way.” (wife)


Effectively managed conflict

“Wes and Brenda are excellent speakers. I got a lot [of help] … on an area of conflict.” (husband)


Felt true 'love' and God's presence

“The openness, the comfort, the true ‘love’ that was present — I loved each group session and feel so close to others, feel God’s true presence … . this REALLY works!” (wife)
“Realizing my shortcomings. Most appreciated the open discussions.” (husband)
T.S. & T.S.


Moving experience is benefit and blessing

“We benefited greatly from attending … . We were so moved … just returned from walking [and] were discussing … what a blessing you two are … . You helped us so much …” (husband & wife)
D.C. & W.C.


Smoothly run and heartfelt program

“Most appreciated the wonderful and helpful sharing of relationships. [The experience] couldn’t be smoother or better in my opinion. … Thanks wholeheartedly for … running this program.” (husband)
“Thank you so much for all the wonderful work, heartfelt shares, and dedication.” (wife)
T.M. & S.M.


Spirits lifted, positive action items

“Thank you for the fantastic virtual meeting! … You lifted our spirits. Clearly you worked hard to create an excellent program — great food for thought (and action). Discussions were helpful … I enjoy your humor and wisdom.”