As you envision the Valentine’s-Day ‘dorsal fin,’ poking just above the water’s surface, is it a menacing shark or a friendly dolphin headed your way? 

Whether or not the “Jaws” movie music cues in your head, take heart because, with a few simple steps, you can have Valentine’s Day your way.

And you may do so regardless if you’ll spend it on your own, with a special someone, or as part of a group.

“Self-care” or “in a pair”?

Why not both?

One (you’re #1): Whether or not you have Valentine’s Day off  — it falls on Sunday this year — take time to care for yourself.

  • A splurge activity or indulgent treat.
  • A movie, magazine, or book on a favorite topic.
  • A gift for yourself that you’ve always wanted!

Two (or more): If you don’t have a sweetheart, then consider turning Valentine’s Day into Pal-entine’s Day.

  • Schedule a meet-up (online or on-site) with a pal or others you haven’t reached out to in awhile.
  • Bonus: Reach out to someone who will boost your spirits or whose day you may brighten-up.

Express self-love … or for another!

Express love by sharing the authentic you in writing … for yourself, your beloved, or a friend.

Participate in How to Write a Love Letter,” offered free of charge on Friday, February 12, 2021, at 11am Eastern/NYC (8am Pacific).

  • Learn the exact steps to transform feelings into a powerful message. 
  • Create a truly heart-felt love letter — just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • Understand how love-letter writing can build intimacy.

Register using this online form; you’ll be sent the login-access details shortly before the start of the session. (And, BTW, if you can’t attend live, then register anyway to get a replay link.)

Peace + Love,

Brenda Dow, Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach |