Brenda Dow

Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach

Successfully helping hundreds of committed couples strengthen their relationships and marriages for over 10 years.

Deeper Love,
Better Relationships,
Stronger Marriages

We work with capable, fun, motivated, committed individuals and couples to deepen the connection they have with their beloved.
Understanding the difference between “falling in love” and “feeling loved,” we help spouses and committed couples to:

  • Deepen their love,
  • Navigate challenges that can hinder their connection, and
  • Strengthen their relationship so each partner
    • has their emotional needs met,
    • can be their authentic self with each other, and
    • feels accepted and loved for who they are.

Each person was put on this earth to love and be loved. Let us help you be fully known and loved, and to know and love your partner.


Group mentoring, individual sessions, and VIP experiences may be paired with courses, added to P&E sessions, or done individually based on the needs of you or your group / organization.


Online programs, mini-courses, relationship-assessment tools, live-streamed and recorded training sessions, and (for subscribers and group-members) invitations to fun, free challenges.


Premarital Preparation (P) and Marriage Enrichment (E), including a couple’s check-up tool to help celebrate strengths and create a plan to further deepen the relationship.

Brenda Dow, M.S.

Brenda has worked with hundreds of couples in some of the most successful premarital, marriage-help, and relationship-building programs in North America.

She helps imperfect people in committed relationships create the relationship they desire, through formal programs, communication workshops, talks and presentations, modeling behavior, mentoring, and peer-to-peer coaching.

Before dedicating herself full time to helping committed couples and spouses, Brenda helped companies and non-profit organizations build affinity and engagement with their constituents and was a higher-education administrator, college instructor, and student advisor. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Cornell University and master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Chapman University. Additionally, she has completed studies in Conflict Resolution and Christian Ministry programs.

Brenda’s life partner and professional colleague is her husband, who is also a Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach. Together and individually they have presented at regional and international conferences and advised couples and individuals seeking to find their way in relationships, love, and life.


Brenda Dow, M.S.
“The openness, the comfort, the true ‘love’ that was present — I loved each group session and feel so close to others, feel God’s true presence … . this REALLY works!” T.S. (wife) Read more

“I realize on our journey that when we change our relationship with each other, it would have a ripple effect into our family and friends. You are helping us on our journey together; so therefore, you are helping our family, too. Thank you … on behalf of our six children, their spouses, and our 14 grandchildren.” J.F. (husband) Read more

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“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”

“Do we know the poor in our house, in our family? … Perhaps our children, husband, wife, are not hungry, or naked, or dispossessed, but are you sure there is no one there who feels unwanted, deprived of affection?”

“People are generally irrational, unreasonable and selfish. They deserve to be loved, anyway.”

Mother Teresa

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