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“A wedding is an incredibly special day, a marriage is a lifetime commitment.”

While you plan your incredibly special day, let us help you prepare for your lifetime commitment.

We work with successful, motivated, fun-loving, and committed people to have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships.

Participate in one of our experiences or let us customize a package just for you. Services include premarital preparation, fun-and-intimacy adventures, and coaching packages for individuals, couples, or spouses.

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Hi! I’m Brenda

I help people have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships, including individuals and couples considering marriage, preparing for nuptials, and transitioning into married life.

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Bliss + Balance

I Gotcha Covered!

Transitioning to Married Life


Being in Love vs Feeling Loved

Reigniting the Spark

Getting your Needs Met

Being Authentic + Embracing it

Expectations + Accountability

Conflict Management

Establishing Marital Goals

Work-Life Balance

Celebrating Strengths

Identifying Areas for Growth

Managing Priorities


Family of Origin + In-Laws

Customized options for premarital preparation or personal coaching