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"5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser" ~ Fun, Creative COVID-safe Activities for Couples

  • COVID-19 has limited what couples, families, and friends can do for get-togethers, outings, and date nights.
  • Pandemic protocols have placed limits on our ability to be close to our loved ones.
  • We’re also limited in going to date-night places like the theater, sporting events, bars and clubs, entertainment spaces, and other larger-venue locations.
  • And it’s especially challenging this time of year, when we’re seeking to be closer to our beloved during the holidays and it’s chillier outside.
  • To combat the challenges of 2020 and raise your fun-factor for the rest of 2020 and into 2021, join us for “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser,” a lively, online, self-paced experience.
  • This fun-raiser experience has a track-record of results to boost your enjoyment level and bring you and your beloved closer together.

Designed to accommodate the busiest schedules, once you’ve enrolled you may begin the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” experience as early as November 2020 or take it at any time — or over and over again — until 2022.

  • That’s a full 14 months of access to all program materials, a resource you can use or refer to again and again.
  • Don’t have time to do a weekly date? With 14-months of access, you can stretch it into a “5 months of dates” experience instead.
  • Split schedules or distance between you? No problem! The experience is structured for ease and flexibility. You may go through each of the fun-date modules individually — and set up dates using the methods taught, for whenever your partner can join you — or complete the entire experience together.
  • Want to get started right away? Or do it later? Doors open November 22 with access to the orientation materials ~ Register by December 1 to Join us LIVE weekly during December 2020 ~ or go at your own pace later in the year, with all live-session recordings available for viewing on-demand through January 31, 2022.

Enroll now through December 1, 2020, to get this limited-time, special offer of 14-months of full access.

What is the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser”?
  • This experiential program was developed by Utica-based relationship coach Brenda Dow. She, along with her husband, serves as your guide.
  • Learn fun-oriented activities that you can immediately implement at home, using what you already own.
  • Explore more positive and uplifting ways to interact with your beloved or loved one during Covid-19.
  • Instruction is 100% online … so you can do it at any time, in any place, and at your own pace.
  • Participation offered as a 5-week group-cohort experience with access as of November 22, and LIVE Q&A sessions offered weekly during December 2020.
  • Designed so that you complete modules on your own individually or together as a couple; additionally this package has 14-months of full access (through January 31, 2022).

    Must register by December 1, 2020, to receive this limited-time, special offer as packaged with the full 14-months of access.
Why now and when?
  • November is the month of THANKS and GIVING in the United States.
  • This time of year, many people typically seek to have quality time or do something festive with their beloved.
  • 2020 has limited many of our options for how we’d otherwise do “date nights” or get-togethers, especially with COVID-19 and during colder months.
  • Many of us could use more fun and creative activities to bring us closer together with our loved one.
  • It’s the season when many of us spend time with someone special … and “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” is an enjoyable way to boost fun.
How is this experience packaged?

The “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” ~ Fun, Creative COVID-safe Activities for Couples — offered during this limited-time AND as a 14-months-of-access package — includes:

  • Original content created, tested, and presented by a husband-and-wife team with 10 years of experience working with couples to have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships.
  • A full 14-months of online access to all instructional and engagement content that comprises the 5-week experience.
  • Orientation and 5 modules, each with video demonstrations and easy-to-implement activities that can be done at home with things you already have or own.
  • Worksheets for the 5 modules to guide you in learning each activity.
  • A live Q&A call will be held each week during the initial 5-week period.
  • For any Q&A session, you have the option to submit questions in advance anonymously to ensure your question gets addressed.
  • Recordings of each of those 5 live-conducted Question-and-Answer calls, plus email support for questions until January 31, 2022.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your purchase can be used for over an entire year and is 100% COVID-19 safe when it comes to fostering closeness through fun activities.
How much does it cost to participate?
  • This package as offered — the 5-week experience itself plus a BONUS of extended access to all materials for over a year — is a TOTAL VALUE of $694.
  • The “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” experience itself, when run live in its pre-pandemic format as a stand-alone 5-session program, is a $497 value.
  • However, for this holiday season and COVID-19 circumstances, this trans-formative experience is being offered 100% fully online and with a flexible start-date.
  • Additionally, rather than just 5-weeks access to complete the experience, you receive a BONUS additional year of program-access add-on, a $197 value.
  • It runs with access to the orientations materials upon enrollment in November and its weekly LIVE Q&A calls held during December 2020; however, you have access to everything through January 31, 2022.
  • That’s 14-months of access to this resource — so feel free to enjoy this experience during the 2020 holiday season as well as at any time during 2021 (for example, New Year festivities, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, regular date-nights, holidays, and more) plus the first month of 2022.
How do I enroll? (And other logistics for those into that sort of thing ... )
  • Register by December 1, 2020 (NYC Eastern zone) to secure this limited-time, special-offer package using the “Enroll Now” button link.
  • The enrollment-button link takes you to the program-payment page.
  • This interface is to both pay for and set-up your account for the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” online-access package contents.
  • To enroll, the full payment must be made at the time of registering.
  • The registration-and-payment interface is done through a learning management system (LMS) called Ruzuku and using Stripe secured payment-processing.
  • Note: The transaction will show in your financial statement as paid to “KDA Web Technologies Inc.” (aka KDA Web).
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Brenda Dow and her husband, her life and professional partner.

Your guide on this experience is Brenda Dow

Brenda has been helping individuals and couples over the past 10 years to have lasting, deeper, and stronger relationships. She and her husband lead you in this experience, in the weekly lessons as well as respond to your questions through the Q&A sessions.

Here’s what some August 2020 participants said about their relationship fun-raiser online experience …

"Fun, new ideas." ...

~ J.W.L. (completed individually and incorporated ideas into interactions with spouse)

Great tool for being a better partner ...

Learning how to be a better spouse. Realizing how much I don’t listen to my spouse. Loved it and it will be a great tool for me moving forward!
~ L.P. (wife seeking new ways to build a stronger and more satisfying marriage)

Enjoyment exceeded expectations ...

“Thank you for this wonderful program. … this pandemic season has been challenging personally and as a couple. We do need more fun in our relationship and we really enjoyed the activities and games. Spending time as a couple doing something new [was most helpful]. … We really enjoyed it more than we expected.”
~ M.S. (lives with spouse in Costa Rica)

Immediately benefited from the lesson ...

“I learned so much from it. We establish[ed] one secret coding already!!”
~ L.Y. (completed experience individually and then incorporated activities into the marriage)

Authentic and real presenting couple ...

“The activities we got from it [were a high]. That it was only 5 lessons [was a low]. You guys were awesome! You didn’t hide behind any masks for us.”
~ J.S. (completed experience with dating partner in South Africa)

Restored hope ...

“The distance … has grown between us as we’ve been too busy with other things … . It leaves me hopeful things will improve in my marriage.”
~ F.M.E. (wife of 25 years)

Learned value of fun in a relationship ...

Being able to watch the videos on my own time and pace [was most helpful]. We absolutely loved doing this … . It opened my eyes to new ideas and concepts and really taught me about the value of fun in a relationship.
~ N.V. (completed experience with her boyfriend)

Experienced couple and still found it helpful ...

“[Enjoyed] doing the activities, especially … 1 and 3. We even shared [an] activity with a group of couples whom we meet regularly and everyone enjoyed it. I also like that each session is 15 minutes or less — clear and succinct. Our marriage was a struggle to begin with but we’ve moved a long way … still we are not the pros, of course, and we know there’s always more to learn and plenty of opportunities to grow. … this adventure gives us a lot more ideas that we can practice and share. I’m not a ‘fun’ person by nature, so this adventure really helps me a lot.”
~ G.W. (serves together with their spouse in another couples relationship-building program)

Doors open November 22 ~ Register by December 1 to Join us LIVE during December 2020 ~ or go at your own pace later in the year

This is a limited-time, special offering for a full 14-months of access. Don’t miss out on this results-driven, fun-boosting experience at this price and with this BONUS extended-access period. (This enrollment-period offer runs November 15 through December 1, 2020.)