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Summer 2020 — A new 5-Day challenge begins

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What’s a Challenge?

At, a challenge refers to a multi-day mini-course, often running 5 to 7 days. These mini-courses are designed to be quick, fun, and educational. They can be done by individuals and couples. And you can encourage friends and family members to participate with you. Most challenges are open to anyone who is interested in learning and immediately applying tips, concepts, and action items for deeper love, better relationships, and stronger marriages.

These challenges are remotely offered online. That’s so you — and your partner, friend, or family member — can participate regardless of where you are located. You just need a device with an internet connection to get started.

Our challenges are typically valued at $197 to $497 each, based on the scope, content, duration, and level of group mentoring provided.

Given the nature of 2020, many families are struggling financially and experiencing unanticipated stresses in our current global climate. As a service to individuals and couples, will offer a complimentary challenge (free of charge to participate) during summer 2020. For ease of access, it will be offered though Facebook and using email to send instructions and links to the educational videos. Stay tuned for details or join the Deeper Love, Better Relationships, Stronger Marriages FB group for updates.

Q&A: What if my spouse wants a divorce?

Q&A: What if my spouse wants a divorce?

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Q&A: Conveying disappointment to your partner

Q&A: Conveying disappointment to your partner

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