Losing my job and health coverage again.
Marriage on the brink of divorce.
Complete financial ruin just weeks away.

Facing all of this just a few years ago, it seemed like an impossible situation.

I felt overwhelmed, hopeless, demoralized, lost, afraid, alone, drowning.

Would I survive this? If so, could I come back from this?

To begin, I had to make a choice.

With limited time, energy, focus, and emotional bandwidth, which of the 3 would I prioritize over the other two?

For me, it was my marriage.

I asked my husband if he wanted a divorce so he could be free to do as he pleased.

  • He declined (which surprised me).
  • I was shocked to learn his emotional state was similar to mine. (Yes, my spouse did have feelings!)
  • We both wanted to try to make it work.
  • If we could re-establish the powerful connection we once had, the two of us could face anything together. (As we had done before!)

Yet, after drifting so far apart, how could we align ourselves once again? Not only to be on the same team, but also to fully support each other in a Superbowl-Champion marriage?

After all, we didn’t just need to win together, we needed to dominate as a couple. Fully unified, we could stand side-by-side united and, together, crush what came our way.

Our approach paid off big time. 

  • Our relationship became stronger than we’d ever experienced or either of us could imagine.
  • As we reconnected, we became more effective in addressing the other looming issues. Our combined income started to increase. Debts began to be repaid.
  • And it’s now our mission and passion to help others (individuals and couples) have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships.

Looking for alignment in your personal life? 

We did it by changing how we communicated, managed conflict, shared our authentic selves with each other. We shifted to become open, honest, and willing to change.

  • We each need to get in touch with ourselves as individuals, recognizing the feelings swirling inside, and positively and productively share those with each other in a space space.
  • A safe space is a location and state of mind where we are able to be uninterrupted and able to truly hear and accept each other — no judgments, no problem-solving, no unsolicited advice, and no distractions, disruptions, interruptions.
  • An essential component is putting words to paper. Writing down what needed to be said out loud (and it wasn’t in the way we thought or how we’d done things before).

Anyone can do something similar.

I can show you how. And you can do it for your beloved, yourself, or a friend. Join me for “How to Write a Love Letter” and begin today.

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Peace + Love,

P.S. Regardless of whether it’s a letter to your beloved, a friend, or yourself,  “How to Write a Love Letter” will help you transform thoughts into expressions in a healthy, positive way.

Brenda Dow, Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach | https://brendadow.com