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DIY “5 Days of Closeness”

Do-It-Yourself "5 Days of Closeness" ... Make time for a unity boost

Little things really can make a big difference. Creating your own DIY “5 Days of Closeness” is a fun, creative way to foster closeness in little ways with someone who we are close to, or want to be closer to.

In this video series, I demonstrate how to spend a few minutes daily for a one-week unity boost to pay special attention to your beloved. It’s quick, easy, and enjoyable to do, as shown in these recordings for the week of November 10-14, 2020. Come up with your own theme or take inspiration from other places, such as the resources described in the videos below. ~ Brenda Dow

The pandemic has limited what we can do; however, we're only TRULY limited by our own imagination of how things could be.

Set yourself up for success in 2021 for fostering closeness, by using the tips in the videos below.

DIY ‘5 Days of Closeness’ ~ Demo for November 10-14, 2020

Day 1 of 5 ~  THEME: Forget-me-not (2-minute video)

Day 2 of 5 ~ THEME: Inspirational Role Models Month (3-minute video)

Day 3 of 5 ~ THEME: Kindness (2-minute video)

Day 4 of 5 ~ THEME: Pickle, Guacamole, and … *Celebrate Closeness ideas-resource (4-minute video)

*Celebrate Closeness ideas-resource

Any day is a great day for closeness. Anyone can find a way, with a little creativity, to Celebrate (Closeness) Every (or any) Day. A resource for coming up with ideas, as described in the Day 4 video, is the National Day Calendar. It lists official national (USA) and world days that you can get creative with as a reason to reach out to or connect with someone. The print edition of the 2021 National Day Calendar is now available; view details or order online here.

Day 5 of 5 ~ THEME: COVID-19 and Closeness ‘Create A Date’ (5-minute video ~ no longer available)
BONUS: “12 Days of Presence” Gift ~ December 25 to January 5, 2021

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