The Union Studio Wedding and Special Events blog features “Bliss + Balance with Brenda,” a joint post with The Union Studio Founder & Lead Planner Amanda O’Callaghan and guest writer Brenda Dow, a life coach specializing in relationships and an experienced marriage educator.

The inaugural “Bliss + Balance with Brenda” post was announced on December 29, 2020, by the wedding and event planning firm based in Brooklyn, NY.

As part of the announcement, Amanda interviewed Brenda via Facebook Live. The @theunionstudionyc has an Instagram post of the recorded interview.

Amanda said the collaboration came about because, as a planner, she sees many emotions when interacting with her clients during discussions about and when planning for wedding and events.

In getting married herself in 2019, Amanda said she then gained a whole new and different perspective and understanding of what her clients were going through.

“In an effort to be a more holistic, all-encompassing planning firm, I think it’s amazing to incorporate the help and the efforts of someone like [Brenda],” Amanda said.

During the live conversation, the pair discussed how to deal with disappointment, an emotion many people experience when uncontrollable forces affect plans.

Many of Amanda’s clients have had to postpone, cancel, or significantly modify their wedding or special-event plans during 2020 and into 2021 due to the pandemic.

Brenda explained five tips to help address as well as learn and grow from a disappointing experience. The Union Studio blog post, titled “Dealing with Wedding Disappointment | Bliss + Balance with Brenda,” in which Brenda outlines these tips, is the first in a series.

Readers may submit input and suggest topics for Brenda to address in future “Bliss + Balance with Brenda” posts during 2021 and access resources at

Brenda Dow, Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach