Fun & Intimacy Adventure:
5 Steps to a Deeper Connection

Discover how fun and enjoyment help committed couples have deeper love, better relationships, and stronger marriages. 

A self-paced program, done individually or with your beloved, to begin connecting in a new way within 24 hours.

The new and improved Fun & Intimacy Adventure is launching February 2021.

We received great feedback from the August 2020 pilot participants. Incorporating their input, our new and improved online Adventure program will deliver even better results. The 5-week structure allows for more flexibility and a weekly Q&A call addresses your questions to facilitate learning.

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Looking for new ways to have more fun? Learn new, low-cost, at-home activities for increased enjoyment and laughter in your relationship.


Want new ideas to build intimacy? Learn how fun and intimacy are connected and how you can approach relationship intimacy in a new way.


Seeking a deeper connection with your partner? Find out what you can do within 24 hours to help strengthen your bond.

The new and improved 5-week Adventure, launching February 2021, can transform your relationship. Whether done on your own or together, get results to positively change the dynamics within your marriage or committed-couple relationship.

Your spouse, partner, friends, or others who are interested in this topic are encouraged to register as well.

Learning something new is more fun with another person. It allows you to have a study-buddy to discuss what’s covered in each weekly lesson as well as to practice new skills!


Brenda Dow, M.S.

Your guide on this 5-week Adventure is Marriage Educator and Relationship Coach Brenda Dow, joined by her husband.
This online course has a G rating and is rated F for fun!