Big Hair Energy + Brenda Dow

Crush 2020: Better-Life Challenge ~ Next Steps

What is your next step for crushing 2020 and preparing for a great 2021?

Your challenge now, if you choose to accept it, is to take forward action by planning your next steps for a better life. Here are 3 opportunities from BHE & Brenda to continue to crush 2020 and set yourself up for success in 2021.

Opportunity #1 ~ Starts November 10 ...

#1 ~ "5 Days of Closeness"

Unity-boosting techniques and tips to help you get closer to your beloved. Many are evergreen to use through the rest of November. Get started here.

Opportunity #2 ~ Starts week of November 22 ...

#2 ~ “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser: Creative Activities for a Cause” + Bonus

A special ‘Fun-Raiser’ 5-week experience to boost your fun-factor and help raise funds to support service-based organizations. More details here.

Steve and Brenda are collaborating to help benefit The Community Foundation Mohawk Valley COVID-19 Response Fund

Opportunity #3 ~ Coming for 2021 ...

#3 ~ “New Year, New You: Recognize, Renew & Reach Your Goals”

What transformation are you seeking in 2021? Let us help you get started in this 5-week online experience, including live Q&A sessions with motivational speaker and Chief Visionary Officer of Big Hair Energy Steve Karboski. Learn more here.

2020 has limited what we can do; however, we're only TRULY limited by our own imagination of how things could be.

What will you do for next steps?