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5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser: Creative Activities for a Cause

Uptown Theatre for Creative Arts (UTCA) was formed in 2017 to provide diverse programming that inspires, educates, engages and entertains.

“Simultaneously taking Improv 1 at UTCA and its inaugural Standup class was an amazing experience. I incorporated improv techniques into my marriage-conference presentations and relationship-building workshops that I teach. Standup opened up a whole new world for me to do inner work and unleash more of my creativity in bringing fun perspectives to sensitive issues in a more uplifting and engaging manner. The ‘5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser‘ was created, in part, thanks to what I learned at UTCA. I’m thrilled to be able to give back to UTCA through ‘Creative Activities for a Cause‘ — especially given the challenges UTCA has faced in 2020.”
~ Brenda Dow, Creator of “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” and Marriage Educator & Relationship Coach

2020 has limited what we can do; however, we're only TRULY limited by our own imagination of how things could be. In the spirit of inspiring, educational, engaging, and entertaining activities, perhaps you:

  • Want to try a new, easy, and engaging activity for this holiday season?
  • Are looking for a different gift idea, a present of “being present” … something you can use and apply throughout the year?
  • Desire to make your purchases matter even more by supporting non-profit fund-raising?
  • Are interested in boosting the “fun factor” and spending more quality time with a loved one?
  • Enjoy a win-win-win deal during the “giving season” … especially on a unique experiential activity that’s 100% Covid-safe?

If so, then we’ve got you covered.
In support of a great cause, Big Hair Energy (BHE) and Brenda Dow are pleased to be collaborating this month to present “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser: Creative Activities for a Cause.” This action-oriented experience will help participants approach their relationship-building in a more creative and engaging way. It’s designed to raise your fun-factor while also raising funds to help support the greater-Utica and Mohawk-Valley-area’s terrific non-profit efforts.

Brenda Dow and her husband, her life and professional partner.
What is the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser”?
  • This experiential program was developed by Utica-based relationship coach Brenda Dow. She, along with her husband, serves as your guide.
  • Learn fun-oriented activities that you can immediately implement at home, using what you already own.
  • Explore more positive and uplifting ways to interact with your beloved or loved one during Covid-19.
  • Instruction is 100% online … so you can do it at any time, in any place, and at your own pace.
  • While offered as a 5-week group-cohort experience starting the week of November 22, you can also do it individually or as a couple with 14-months of access.

    Must register by December 1, 2020, to receive this limited-time, special-pricing offer as packaged AND to help benefit this non-profit.
What's the "Creative Activities for a Cause" part of it?
  • Spending enjoyable quality time with a loved one is a worthy effort in itself.
  • However, this experience also spreads the love by raising funds for this non-profit cause.
  • A portion of your fully paid tuition will go to help support this non-profit and its important work.
  • This fun-raiser fund-raiser, collaborative and creative approach, is particularly important for 2020, because several revenue-generating events couldn’t take place this year because of Covid-19.
Why now and when?
  • November is the month of THANKS and GIVING in the United States.
  • This time of year, many people typically give to or support causes and purchase gifts for others.
  • 2020 has limited many of our options for how we’d otherwise do “date nights” or get-togethers.
  • Many of us could use more fun and creative activities to bring us closer together with our beloved.
  • Get started the week of November 22 (in the spirit of Thanksgiving, National Philanthropy Week, Giving Day, etc.) or go at your own pace.
  • It’s the season when many of us spend time with someone special … and “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” is an enjoyable way to boost fun and fund-raise.
How is this experience packaged?

The “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser: Creative Activities for a Cause” — offered during this limited-time AND as part of this non-profit support package — includes:

  • Original content created, tested, and presented by a husband-and-wife team with 10 years of experience working with couples to have lasting, deeper, stronger relationships.
  • A full 14-months of online access to all instructional and engagement content that comprises the 5-week experience.
  • Orientation and 5 modules, each with video demonstrations and easy-to-implement activities that can be done at home with things you already have.
  • Worksheets for the 5 modules to guide you in learning each activity.
  • A live weekly Q&A call during the initial 5-week period, with an option to submit questions in advance anonymously to ensure your question gets addressed.
  • Recordings of each of those 5 live-conducted Question-and-Answer calls.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your purchase is helping a worthy cause.
How much does it cost to particpate?
  • The “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” experience itself is a $497 value.
  • However, for this holiday gift-giving, charitable-support season, and Covid-19 circumstances, this trans-formative experience is available at a significant discount for a limited time.
  • When you enroll and pay in full using our special code, you’ll get this $497-value package for just $197 (that’s a 60% discount or $300 savings).
  • PLUS, in addition to the benefits of the 5-week experience itself AND at this special pricing, 50% of that discounted price will support our non-profit fundraising efforts.
  • It runs with its 5 live weekly Q&A calls between November 22 and December 26, 2020; however, you have access to everything else through January 31, 2022.
  • That’s 14-months of access to this resource — so feel free to enjoy this experience during the 2020 holiday season as well as at any time during 2021 (for example, New Year festivities, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, regular date-nights, holidays, and more) plus the first month of 2022.
How do I enroll? (And other logistics for those into that sort of thing ... )
  • Register by December 1, 2020 (NYC Eastern zone) to secure this limited-time, special-offer package using the “Enroll Now” button link.
  • The enrollment-button link takes you to the program-payment page.
  • This interface is to both pay for and set-up your account for the “5 Weeks of Dates Fun-Raiser” online-access package contents.
  • To enroll, the full payment must be made at the time of registering; be sure to enter the promo discount code to get the special pricing and support this cause.
  • The registration-and-payment interface is done through a learning management system (LMS) called Ruzuku and using Stripe secured payment-processing.
  • Note: The transaction will show in your financial statement as paid to “KDA Web Technologies Inc.” (aka KDA Web); funds to be donated to the non-profit by KDA Web.
Brenda Dow and her husband, her life and professional partner.

Here’s what some August 2020 participants said about their relationship fun-raiser online experience …

"Fun, new ideas." ...

~ J.W.L. (completed individually and incorporated ideas into interactions with spouse)

Great tool for being a better partner ...

Learning how to be a better spouse. Realizing how much I don’t listen to my spouse. Loved it and it will be a great tool for me moving forward!
~ L.P. (wife seeking new ways to build a stronger and more satisfying marriage)

Enjoyment exceeded expectations ...

“Thank you for this wonderful program. … this pandemic season has been challenging personally and as a couple. We do need more fun in our relationship and we really enjoyed the activities and games. Spending time as a couple doing something new [was most helpful]. … We really enjoyed it more than we expected.”
~ M.S. (lives with spouse in Costa Rica)

Immediately benefited from the lesson ...

“I learned so much from it. We establish[ed] one secret coding already!!”
~ L.Y. (completed experience individually and then incorporated activities into the marriage)

Authentic and real presenting couple ...

“The activities we got from it [were a high]. That it was only 5 lessons [was a low]. You guys were awesome! You didn’t hide behind any masks for us.”
~ J.S. (completed experience with dating partner in South Africa)

Restored hope ...

“The distance … has grown between us as we’ve been too busy with other things … . It leaves me hopeful things will improve in my marriage.”
~ F.M.E. (wife of 25 years)

Learned value of fun in a relationship ...

Being able to watch the videos on my own time and pace [was most helpful]. We absolutely loved doing this … . It opened my eyes to new ideas and concepts and really taught me about the value of fun in a relationship.
~ N.V. (completed experience with her boyfriend)

Experienced couple and still found it helpful ...

“[Enjoyed] doing the activities, especially … 1 and 3. We even shared [an] activity with a group of couples whom we meet regularly and everyone enjoyed it. I also like that each session is 15 minutes or less — clear and succinct. Our marriage was a struggle to begin with but we’ve moved a long way … still we are not the pros, of course, and we know there’s always more to learn and plenty of opportunities to grow. … this adventure gives us a lot more ideas that we can practice and share. I’m not a ‘fun’ person by nature, so this adventure really helps me a lot.”
~ G.W. (serves together with their spouse in another couples relationship-building program)

We launch the week of November 22 ~ Join us LIVE or go at your own pace later in the year

This is a limited-time, special offering at a substantial discount that benefits you AND that also is benefiting this cause. This results-driven, fun-boosting experience will not be packaged this way AND offered again at this price.