Bill of Rights

How-To Template

“Our ‘Couples Bill of Rights’ has improved our communication and strengthened our relationship.”

  • Do you both agree on how you’ll treat each other? 
  • What about the ways in which you’ll demonstrate respect and seek understanding? 
  • Are you operating under unexpressed or unrealistic standards for your relationship? 
  • Might expectations exist that could eventually become resentments if not met by each other? 

If you have the slightest doubt, then consider putting together your own ‘Couples Bill of Rights’ using my template tool.

  • In it, I share the “bill of rights” that my spouse and I have used to transform how we interact with each other.
  • You can adapt this version or use another that’s also included, or write your own customized “couple’s bill of rights” using these examples as your guide.
  • The information is organized to make it easy for you to discuss having a “bill or rights” with your beloved and to get started.

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